Saturday, July 7, 2012

Trick Riding Goat For Sale

I put Gimli on Craigslist last night. According to the "Best Days" calendar of the Farmer's Almanac, today and tomorrow are the best days to wean. So I was hoping that someone would just show up and take him but I am going to separate him from his mother today regardless. Which means that I am going to have to start milking twice per day.

He is cute and fun but he is also getting a little annoying. Especially when it is someone else's car.

He was no problem to keep in the goat lot as long as the fence was hot but for some reason it is no longer hot and he knows it. He slips underneath it anywhere he wants to. I worked on the fence yesterday for hours and nearly had a heat stroke but I can't find the problem. I cut weeds, moved limbs and replaced insulators but there is a mile of fence meandering around pastures before it gets to the goat pen. It's really hard to find the problem. I am going to walk it again today.

But in the mean time, if anyone is interested in buying a 3 month old boer wether who does some trick riding, let me know. Mr. Shorty says, "He has to go!"

Friday, July 6, 2012

Who Is Raising Your Children?

If the Government started informing us this week that they will be taking over the total education of your children within one month, how would you react?

This would include visual and audible teaching and training on what they should believe about all things. Not just their ABC’s, Reading and Math but about; morals, politics, spirituality, physical and mental health, sexuality, family, fantasy, imagination, how to control their emotions, appropriate and inappropriate emotions, eliminating fear, the modern idea of right and wrong, acceptance of things that make them uncomfortable, who the enemy is and who the enemy is not, how to do triage in their lives about what is important and what is at the bottom of the list, how they should feel about themselves and their own importance, etc...

This indoctrination would take place on a daily basis, every day of the week. While physical education would be taught and exercise would be encouraged, there would be no time set aside for these activities. Great things about nature, natural resources and our earth’s ecosystem would be taught and outdoor exploration would be idolized but there would be no time for that either. Some of you might think that this is a great idea and that the Government should have started doing this years ago, and if you think that way, then you have already been indoctrinated by this method yourself.

Actually this system is already in place and has been in place for several years. It is currently doing the job that it was, maybe unintentionally, meant to do. It is called Television, Movies, Video Games, Books and the Internet.

The problem is not with these devices in themselves but with the who that is behind them putting their opinions and ideas into your child's fertile and eager mind. It may not be the government who is producing this curriculum that is being poured into your child's brain everyday but who exactly are you letting educate and raise your children? If the government decided to do this we would be up in arms but because it is someone that we don’t see or know, that makes it safe?

Parents are too busy with their own lives to educate their children. They have jobs, TV shows, Facebook, YouTube, Movies, parties, games, friends, and of course they have to have their own “Me time”, as if they weren’t spending all of their time on themselves anyway. So, they park their kids in front of a TV, Video game, iPad, iPhone or Computer and they have a built-in babysitter. All the time not realizing what their children are learning from these hidden people who have all of their kid’s undivided attention.

Don’t think that you can stick a book in your child’s hand and feel better about yourself or buy them an eBook reader to get them away from the TV and Video games. Books are just as bad, if not worse. With the new digital books comes a new danger. Anyone and I do mean anyone can write a children’s or young adult book now. There are no editors or publishers needed. You can just stick your agenda into a children’s book and put it up on Amazon. Parents will download it because it’s free or cheap and without reading it themselves, put it on their kid’s Kindle or Nook.

So what can we do? Get your children out in the world and out into life. They need to learn things with you and from you! Spend time with them, teaching them things that you learned in your pleasant memories from childhood. Let your kids go outside, ride a bike, roller skate, horseback ride, jump rope, go barefoot, catch frogs, catch lightening bugs, swing, play in a creek, swim, fish, camp, get dirty. Spend hours each week with your children focusing on them and not on your smart phone.

Don’t let them read a book that you haven’t read first. Don’t let them play a video game without your supervision. Don’t let them watch anything that you haven’t watched first. Don’t trust the internet or TV with your child just because you need some “Me time”.

Take Action Before Monday, July 9th, 2012

Federal Government Acts Against Trojan; Some Users May Lose Internet Access Monday!

Here is the McAfee test for this Trojan:

Find out if you have been infected with the DNSChanger virus

This test only takes a second (even on a dial-up) and it could save you a lot of grief on Monday when they shut the bad DNS servers down. If you are infected, it will tell you what to do next.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

My New Goats

After waiting on Collette to kid in January and nothing happening, we decided to give up on her. We sold Pascal after I was certain that Collette was bred. You can read about them here: In One Year.

We sold Collette this spring and I was totally goatless for quite awhile. Then I bought Hazel who had just had a wether weaned off of her and was ready to milk. She was born in 2011 and had been raised on a bottle. She was bred in the fall and had twins in the early spring. The owners took the doeling off of her and bottle fed it because Hazel didn't have a lot of milk. But she raised the buckling twin on her own.

We brought Hazel home and she drove us crazy. She was a lonely goat and she was not happy. She cried constantly and a goat crying constantly will wear you out pretty quickly. She was fine if I went out and sat with her but the minute I left, she was howling again.

We thought about buying another doe but in the end, we went back and bought the little wether that she had just weaned. She was happy, he was happy and we were happy. Having him here meant that I could be lazy about milking her. When I want milk, I just lock him up away from her for a few hours and milk her. He is getting pretty big now and I know that I will have to really wean him sometime soon.



Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dial-up Users Unite! Yes, I can relate!

Rantin Ravin: Dial-up Users Unite!: If I had titled this "2012 Tips for Dial-up Users", "How to Download Updates or Large Files on a Dial-up Connection", Or "What is the Best B...

I would like to add to the above blog post...that I would love to blog if Blogger was more Dial-up friendly!