Saturday, July 7, 2012

Trick Riding Goat For Sale

I put Gimli on Craigslist last night. According to the "Best Days" calendar of the Farmer's Almanac, today and tomorrow are the best days to wean. So I was hoping that someone would just show up and take him but I am going to separate him from his mother today regardless. Which means that I am going to have to start milking twice per day.

He is cute and fun but he is also getting a little annoying. Especially when it is someone else's car.

He was no problem to keep in the goat lot as long as the fence was hot but for some reason it is no longer hot and he knows it. He slips underneath it anywhere he wants to. I worked on the fence yesterday for hours and nearly had a heat stroke but I can't find the problem. I cut weeds, moved limbs and replaced insulators but there is a mile of fence meandering around pastures before it gets to the goat pen. It's really hard to find the problem. I am going to walk it again today.

But in the mean time, if anyone is interested in buying a 3 month old boer wether who does some trick riding, let me know. Mr. Shorty says, "He has to go!"

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