Saturday, May 9, 2009

Classified Ads

I know that I said that I would update you on my milking experience with Collette this morning but it was storming last night and I had to put Cooter in one of the horse trailers. So I didn't have any place to separate Collette from her kids. I may have to wait until Monday to do it now.

I really need to sell Kia, Collette and the doelings. I don't need the extra work or the extra expense. I have posted them on a few classified sites and these free sites are getting ridiculous. Craigslist is just so sleazy and you get so many fraudulent inquiries plus your ad gets nuked as soon as you post it for no good reason other than there are people on there who feel powerful when they delete your ad.

I listed Kia as a farm animal because that is what she is, she isn't a pet. She loves her job and while someone could make her a pet, I am sure she would miss her role as protector. Anyway Craigslist has some kind of rules against selling pets on their site. I don't understand their rules because there are all kinds of pets being sold on there. They just whitewash it by calling it rehoming fees. Oh, the power of must always use the correct terms.

Then again, if you try to give an animal away free on Craigslist then you get a lecture about your animal falling into the wrong hands by giving it away or selling it too cheap. What a perfect world that we live in. Someone is always trying to tell you how to live your life. Craigslist has become a place to avoid. It strikes me kind of funny that such a sleazy place tries to preach to others.

I did list Kia and the goats for sale on Kijiji, it just seems all together cleaner. It is also a little easier to use, a much better setup, they allow 8 pictures.

See my Kijiji Classified Ads

**Kia has found a great new home with lots of animals, human kids and room to roam, she is loving all of the attention.
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