Saturday, May 2, 2009

When Goats Fly

Goats tend to be built with the rare ability to fly. They are aerodynamically designed for flight. Nubian and Boer Goats are more likely to use their sleek characteristics and generous wingspan to practice take offs and landings than are most other breeds. Though staying aloft for long periods of time is generally not achieved by most goats.

Having witnessed Goat flight on several occasions, I have never before been able to obtain actual footage of this phenomenon before now. To prove my theory, I offer these actual, unaltered pictures.

This is Francine, she has come to live with us here until we can find her a suitable home. As you can see she is built for flight. Her wings are perfectly placed, broad and held away from her body. She has not two but four landing gears. She also has a movable rudder at her stern.

Francine is proud of her flying abilities and practices as often as possible. Here you see her practicing an emergency landing with only one landing gear.

The photo above shows her unique ability to take off with a backward thrust, that is, achieving lift off while traveling backwards.

Francine has aspirations of joining the United States Military when she is old enough and weaned. Here you see her practice lifting off from an Aircraft Carrier.

If you are interested in purchasing this exceptional doeling from us, please let us know and she can be yours for only $75.
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