Saturday, June 27, 2009

Two for One

Two blogs in one day, can you beat that? Who knows I might make it three. I am sitting here feeling terrible. I have a sore throat, headache and cough. Whoever heard of a sore throat and cough in the middle of the hottest days of Summer.

If this happened during the winter months it wouldn't bother me so much but when it is 94 degrees in the shade, it isn't too fun. All I want is Banana Popsicles and I have totally run out.

Oh well, I guess I had better stop complaining, cowgirl up, get outside to clean up the milk stand, spray down the area for flies, milk the goat, prepare and give bottles to the bucklings, put Cooter up, feed and water.

Then I need to check and water my tomatoes, strawberries, cilantro, one little volunteer watermelon plant and three little flowers that are being taken over by weeds. We did have several sunflowers coming up that the Granddaughters planted but Angus took care of those, he ate them all.
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