Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I first noticed the sore throat last Thursday, by Saturday I was very uncomfortable but was still able to function. On Sunday, I took to my bed with a low grade fever and the worst of all coughs. By Sunday night I was convinced that I was dying. My DH wouldn't let me have any extra blankets or shut the air conditioner off.

I awoke at 3:30am on Monday morning coughing so hard that I nearly turned wrong-side-out. During the day on Monday with the help of DayQuil I managed to milk the goats and walk around a little bit outside. As the day progressed my fever shot up again and I was down and out with the help of NyQuil.

I woke up this morning at around 5:00am in terrible respiratory distress. I could hardly breathe. I can no longer cough because of the pain that it causes me. I have never had anything that comes close to whatever this is, I am thinking that it is the Swine Flu. My wonderful Husband got out of bed so that he could be by my side when I drew my last breath.

Since I didn't die right away, he ended up running to Wal-Mart to get some more DayQuil, Mucinex, Sprite, Chicken Soup and Popsicles. I haven't felt like eating but the popsicles have been a blessing.

I think that my Husband might have enjoyed making me drink a full 8 oz. glass of water this morning a little too much. He wouldn't give me a Mucinex tablet until all of the water was gone.

He stood there like a stonewall with the glass in his hand, pushing the straw toward my lips. I hate drinking water and I think that iced tea or Sprite would have worked but he said that he was just following the directions.

As this day draws to a close, my fever is starting to climb again, nothing seems to stop it in the evenings and through the night. My Mother-In-Law called to check on me today and she told me that she goes to Church with a lady and her husband who have had the same symptoms. They say it took them both a good three weeks to fully recover and that was while being under a Doctor's care.

The man even busted his eardrum while coughing, I can believe that because my ears and eyes have both felt like they couldn't take anymore pressure. I really hate to pop an eyeball out while coughing. My ears and eye sockets are very sore but my chest and back muscles and my ribcage are just flat refusing to help me anymore.

Well, I will close for now, to get ready for the nightly battle with my DH over how many blankets I should have or the temperature setting on the air conditioner, he is really being a bully.
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