Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's Still Here

We have been away from home for a couple of days. We were gone all yesterday afternoon and most of the day today. Nothing seems to have fallen apart, the farm and all of the livestock are still here. I didn't actually count heads but all of my goats and chickens were here, the dogs were here but I didn't see all of the horses. It would probably take a couple of days before I missed one of them because there are so many.

One of my beloved Aunts passed away, so we have been at the Funeral home and at the Funeral service. We have spent the last couple of days with family that, unfortunately, we only see when a family member dies. It is so nice to see them but it is always so hard to let one of them go. Death is inevitable and when it is someone who has dedicated their whole life to serving the Lord, it is a blessed event, but it is always hard for the family and loved ones to say goodbye.

It is a time of reflection and memories, sometimes regrets, things that you wish you could have done or said before they left us. No one is ever ready for death to come to a loved one, there is just no way to really prepare.

This Aunt helped me though a very difficult time last September and I am thankful that I had that time to reacquaint myself with her. I had forgotten what a selfless person that she was, but it all came flooding back about the things that she did for me when I was a child. Someone told me that they had never heard her say an unkind word, I can't recall one either.
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