Saturday, August 9, 2008


We were in town yesterday and my Husband stopped to talk to an older gentleman who had bought a horse off of us many years ago. He said that he had come coon hunting on the back side of our property awhile back and that he would never come down here again.

Indian Creek runs on the back side of our property but we also own a strip of land across the creek that has the remains of Bridge Church on it. There is also a very old Cemetery there and an old stagecoach road that is the actual border of our property.

When we bought the land we were told that this was the only place that stagecoaches could cross Indian Creek. There is a county road and a bridge near that crossing spot now but the county road doesn't follow the same route that the old stagecoach road took.

We have a place where you can pull off of the road into the Church lot that is very secluded. This is where the man was coon hunting. He said that they heard a horse come running down the road that dark night. Since we have horses this was possible, but he said that there was no horse. They looked everywhere and though they could hear the clippity clop of the horses hooves running on the road, there was nothing there. I guess it scared them bad enough that they won't come back.
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