Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More Hay

The nice cool days are over, the hot August weather has returned. My pool turned green during those cool days and I had a time getting it ready to swim in again.

The neighbor has more hay cut for us, it will be ready to put up Thursday afternoon, if all goes well and it doesn't rain. I always get a little nervous when the hay is cut. As soon as all of this hay is in the barn, then we sure could use the rain. Our pastures are getting a little dusty.

Fall is creeping up on us. It is getting dark so much earlier now. I have a hard time adjusting to the early darkness. I am barely able to get my goats milked before dark and I am always stumbling around trying to put Cooter in his pen after dark.

I have a tiny flashlight that doesn't illuminate much area, so I could walk right into Bigfoot's arms without any warning at all or worse yet, right over top of a skunk. I guess that wouldn't be too bad either, it couldn't smell much worse than Cooter does.
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