Monday, July 20, 2009

I Must Be An Alien

After reading the two following articles, I have decided that I am really an alien who somehow got stranded on this strange planet within the last few years.

This whole cow burping thing has me shaking my head and the thought that U.S. Citizens are taking this serious leaves me totally dumbfounded.

Greener diet reduces dairy cows' methane burps - Yahoo! News
(Don't tell anyone but goats and deer burp too)

The following is a quote from the second article about the Wild Horse Bill:
The Congressional Budget Office estimates that enacting the bill would cost up to $700 million.

Barrasso says the government shouldn't spend $700 million on wild horses while the nation is in debt.
Barrasso, Lummis oppose House's wild horse bill - KIFI - Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Jackson WY

I like wild horses and burros but $700 million dollars, when people are losing their jobs and homes? Anyone who would support something like this has not been affected by this present economy, has more money than they need and should be sharing their wealth with the needy.
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