Wednesday, July 29, 2009


If you have not read the previous post from yesterday, please scroll down or click here to read it first before reading this one.

I guess an explanation is in order. Angus has spent some 'off and on' time in the goat lot. The goats eat hay out of a barrel with holes cut in the side. When Angus was smaller his head fit in the holes and he ate their hay. Then one day he got his head in and couldn't get it out, he managed to tear the barrel off of its anchor in the goat shed.

My DH rescued him from his plight the first time, however, calves don't learn from their mistakes. Every time he gets close to that barrel now he gets stuck in it. The only way to get him out is to pull on the barrel at the same time that he pulls back.

On Tuesday morning when the picture was taken, he had been stuck for quite awhile and he had broken the goat lot's bottom strand of wire to get into the main horse pasture. Luckily the horses had not come down to water yet or they might still be running for the hills. Since I was home alone on Tuesday, it was my turn to rescue Angus and I had to fix the fence that he broke with a very sore thumb.
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