Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Family Evening

Indian Creek looking south
Indian Creek looking north
Skipping rocks on Indian Creek
New sand island on Indian CreekWe were so blessed to have all of our family with us on a sunny and warm evening recently. My oldest Grandson and I went for a walk before everyone else came. We went right down into the creek onto a new sandbar that has formed this winter on our stretch of Indian Creek. We have a rather large island with big trees on it, where the creek splits, but now a new island is forming beside the first one. This is good for us because Indian Creek was eating away at our pasture, now it is going the other direction.

I took a few pictures of the creek and the islands. My Grandson did what most boys do he skipped rocks and got his feet wet.

Later our youngest Grandson got to chase a few chickens and meet Angus.
Chasing chickens and meeting Angus
Anqus wants a kiss
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