Monday, July 14, 2008

Cooler Weather

After Saturday night's storms, things have greatly cooled down. I have barely been getting enough milk for my own two glasses per day, plus I drink goat's milk anytime I get heartburn, it cures it instantly. Goat milk production around here has been greatly reduced during the recent hot weather, I had suspected that this was to blame but wasn't sure until yesterday. Milk production was up by at least 50%.

Egg production has been down as well. Just when I finally had more egg buyers than eggs, my hens quit laying. We were lucky to get two eggs a day out of ten hens. The banties were actually laying better than the big hens were in this heat. But with the cooler temperatures yesterday we got four eggs. I have four hens who are raising chicks, so they have an excuse for their lack of production but the others have just been on strike because of working conditions. They are demanding an air conditioned chicken house with well ventilated nests.

I get to go to the Doctor today, oh what joy! I would rather go to the Dentist and get teeth pulled than face my Doctor. He just keeps harping about my weight and I always try to lose a few pounds before I see him, just so I won't have to hear his lecture. But I didn't manage to get that accomplished this time and have gained weight since last we met.

He believes that my spine wouldn't be complaining as much, if I would relieve some of it's burden. That is actually quite a motivation for me, if I thought that I could live a normal life again, I might just lose that weight. I just can't figure out how to do it.
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