Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Losing Weight

The nurse who checked me in at the Doctor's office was very kind when she weighed me. She suggested that my denim skirt looked pretty heavy, then of course there were my shoes and a very heavy belt. I had a big barrette in my hair also. I didn't mention these things to my Doctor, I just went ahead and let him believe that I actually weighed that much.

I took the lecture without sobbing, but then he started in on all of the other stuff that I needed to do, things that I don't want to do, like mammograms, colonoscopies, gall bladder surgery, things that have nothing to do with my aching back. I have a good mind never to visit another Doctor, they just aren't very nice.

I was whining about my Doctor visit to a friend who is a Registered Nurse and she said that I wasn't fat. Since it is always best to get a second opinion, I strongly considered just going with hers. However, since I did pay the Doctor a large sum of money, I suppose his opinion is more valuable.

We left the Doctor's office and went straight to the Golden Corral in Bedford, their Chocolate Pie is to die for. I did manage to stop after the second piece, my DH wouldn't let me go get a third one.

As I am typing this I am indulging in a small glass of Kefir made with fresh goat's milk without the cream removed. It was slightly frozen and I added a sweetened Pina Colada syrup to it, delicious! So you see I have already started cutting back, only two pieces of pie and only a small glass of Kefir while blogging before bed.
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