Sunday, July 13, 2008


We attended a rodeo at our local fair on Friday night. It was expensive and nothing but a bunch of bull. I was disappointed that they had advertised barrel racing and didn't have any. It was mostly bull riding with just a few broncs that I think were just unbroke horses that they had picked up somewhere. They certainly had no bucking experience, all that they did was run and all that the cowboy had to do was hold on.

The bulls were good and loved to buck. The problem was that they were too good for the cowboys that were there and most of them hit the dirt as soon as they came out of the gate. Only one cowboy made it to 8 seconds and he won the whole pot.

The evening was kind of spoiled by the man that came out before the rodeo and started scratching on the bulls who were turned loose in the arena. That kind of spoiled the mean and ornery, bad bull image. Although we did see a couple of cowboys butted and stomped.

One cowboy walked past me after the rodeo was over and we were walking out. He caught my attention by the glazed look in his eyes and the paleness of his face. I think that maybe he was beyond pain. I worried about him because he was wondering around alone. I am sure that he needed medical attention but was too tough and proud to admit it.

The highlight of the evening was when the little 7 or 8 year old boy was trying to pet the bulls through the holding gates and barely got his arm out before the bull kicked at him and got his foot caught in the gate. We were a little surprised that they let the crowd walk out past the bulls with nothing or no one there to keep kids away. I guess they thought that maybe parents would take that responsibility, they must have been aliens from another planet if they believed that.
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