Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Exciting News

Yesterday was an exciting day. My expecting Daughter-in-law had her midway ultrasound and was suppose to find out the gender of the baby. They have three daughters ages 5 and under. We have been calling this new baby an "it" which is a little uncomfortable. I waited for her phone call and when it came, she was cruel and told me that the baby wouldn't cooperate and that they couldn't tell what it was. But that she was coming down to show us the 15 minute video.

I told my Husband when I hung up that she said that they couldn't tell, but that she was probably lying to me. He didn't understand why she would lie to me about it until I told him that she was bringing a 15 minute video down.

As soon as they arrived, I started interrogating the girls. They were very convincing and I started thinking that she had told me the truth after all.

So we watched the video and I first thought that I saw boy parts but then I thought I saw girl parts. Finally right before the truth was revealed, my DIL admitted that she knew and wanted to know if we knew, which we didn't.

Then the lady doing the ultrasound, after shaking the baby several times trying to get it to uncross it's legs, circled the area and it was plain to see that it is a boy. I guess the lady knew right from the beginning that it was a boy but she knew that they already had three girls, so she made them wait until she got a really clear picture so they could see for themselves. His big sisters will finally be able to quit fighting over who has to play the roll of the Prince.
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