Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Back To Normal

We are back to almost normal, the girl's Mother picked them up, then brought them back today for me to watch while she took the oldest one back to the Doctor. After several tests they proclaimed that she has a severe UTI with none of the usual symptoms, she is still running a high fever after six days. I am already missing the constant chatter of little girls, and how they can always find something for you to do when you sit down or are on the phone.

We are currently house-sitting for our neighbors which means, for the most part, my DH is at home and I am at the neighbors. I haven't milked but once in the last six days. But I am confident that he is doing a good job. He hand milks much better than I do, but my doe does prefer the spray nozzle milker, the bad part is that the dogs and cat are getting all of the milk.

Those who have followed my blog for a long time will know who Lolita is, she is a Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot who belongs to my neighbors. You can read how she sliced and diced my hand in this post: Back Home.

After she shredded my hand, I did gain some courage back and handled her several times afterward but then on New Year's day while we were at her house for dinner, she got agitated and grabbed her owner's cheek while sitting on her shoulder. She nearly took a chunk of meat out of my friend's face. I lost a ton of courage by witnessing this. After all, this is the lady who handles this bird daily.

So here I am, back to being her caretaker for a few days. She is cooing and flirting with me constantly. It is so hard for me to ignore her advances. She just keeps begging me to take her out of her cage and play with her. I did finally give in while my Husband was here last evening. She sat upon my shoulder and preened my hair, she kissed my face and rubbed her head on me, a perfectly well behaved, affectionate parrot. Who can turn into a man-eating dragon in a flash.

She sounds and acts so sweet with the girls, that I have to constantly warn them of the dangers of sticking their tiny fingers in the cage to pet her. The two year old was nearly beguiled by her sweet cunning ways.
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