Saturday, May 24, 2008

Horse Auction

I haven't been to a horse auction in quite some time, so we went to see if it was all as bad as we had heard. It was as far as the number of horses for sale, there were only eight. They included a mismatched team of mules, one foundered pony, one two year old gangly, skinny sorrel filly and four riding horses. The unbroke mules and the pony brought around $50 apiece. One very pretty registered palomino mare that wasn't ridden in the ring for some reason, they said she was broke but no one volunteered to find out, brought $580. The other riding horses varied in prices none of them were anything special just run of the mill sale barn horses.

The killer buyer was there but as far as I could tell he only bought the skinny, gangly two year old for $30 and one of the riding horses that kept rearing up for $300.

They had some very nice old saddles that brought fairly good prices.
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