Sunday, May 11, 2008


And just why am I doing this? I seem to have lost sight of the reason that I bother with these animals. After having Collette and Paris show total disregard for boundaries for the whole day yesterday. Then having them get to the point that I couldn't catch them for love nor money, I am asking myself this question.

The Rhodies continued to run the banty hens off of their nest, so that they could deposit there own eggs for them to hatch out. To solve this problem, we tried to move the nest with eggs and both banty hens to the barn and into a large pet taxi that we could keep the big hens out of. However, the banties just left the nest and ran back to the goat/chicken house to find their nest that was no longer there. So, the nest and eggs had to be moved back there also.

While I was putting the nest back in place, Cooter was cuddling up beside me, he had been a pill all day trying to escape and trying to fight me each time I tried to block his way, but now he was being his sweet self and wanting me to pet him while he urinated all over my leg, Billy Goats are special that way. This is the first time he got me, he has peed on my DH's rubber boot before and sprayed my daughter-in-law, I was starting to think that he didn't like me!

Calico has what appears to be the beginning of a rectal prolapse, so she is going to have to be watched very carefully and not allowed to labor too hard or long, she will definitely have to be assisted. Which means that I am going to be losing some sleep until she kids. Now why was it that I enjoy these animals so much?
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