Monday, May 12, 2008

It Just Figures

After staying up with Calico last night and worrying all day because we had an appointment today at 3:00 in a neighboring town that couldn't be broken, she delivered without me.

We left here at 2:15 and returned at around 6:00. She was all done and the twin bucks were dry. I don't know how the labor went, how long it took her or how old the babies were, but they had quit trying to nurse because she just would not allow it. They also have crooked, wobbly legs. I gave them some Selenium get with Vitamin E for their crooked legs but we had a time getting them to nurse.

She seems to like them but not enough to feed them without being held and forced, she is also walking all over them and lying on top of them. We may have to separate them, we will have to see how it goes tonight.

One is mostly black and the other one is brown with white spots, both are for sale as either bottle babies or weaned. We may be forced to sell them as bottle babies.
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