Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oh, NOOO!!!

Frost! They said that it might happen but we didn't really believe them. But just in case, I did put a blanket over my tomatoes and a bucket over my little rose bush. All of my other flowers and plants have been destroyed by my wondering goat herd.

I took this picture of my poor little pine tree the other day as my goats were finishing it off. I didn't think that they could damage it any more than they already had but then they started peeling the bark off of it.
Tree Trimming
Owning goats is not for the faint of heart. They will disappoint and annoy you everyday and make you cry at least once per week. My little rose bush was a gift from a student of mine. He actually gave me three miniature rose bushes to start out but the other two met untimely deaths as bedding on a cool, sunny morning for our dearly departed pit bull, Holly.

The last remaining rose bush has soldiered on, fighting off attacks by these local thugs, who find rose and berry bushes so succulent. It has been trimmed back to only two leaves on several occasions this summer. I finally put a milk crate over the top of it and they figured out how to tip it over. They are very determined destroyers.

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