Sunday, March 15, 2009

More On Amber

Since I have been asked some questions about Baltic Amber, I will tell what I know. I got started with Amber after my DIL (Daughter-in-law) asked me to buy an Amber necklace for the baby, they were suppose to relieve teething pain and slobbers. I ordered one that she picked out on eBay. I was amazed by how my Granddaughter stopped slobbering. So I did some research and discovered that adults with arthritis were reporting pain relief with the necklaces and bracelets.

I have had neck pain for many years and found total relief with a necklace. I then bought bracelets and more necklaces for other parts of my body. I have put necklaces on my shoulders and elbows secured with ace bandages. My Son has secured a necklace on his aching knee with an ace bandage.

I have even bought elastic braces and sewed the Amber beads on the inside for quick and easy help. The Amber does have to be applied directly on the pain source. So it has to come in contact with the skin at the sight of your pain. I have found that it starts to work within 10 minutes of application.

My other Son and Daughter-in-law were babysitting an infant who was teething, she was a mess with slobbers. I took my necklace off when they had her at our house and slipped it on her neck, within ten minutes her slobbers had dried up and she went to sleep and slept for a long time. They told me that she hardly ever napped and if she did it was just for short periods.

Amber is hardened sap from trees. It comes in many different colors and can even have leaves, debris or insects inside it. The very best color to get for pain is yellow that is not clear, it has more of the properties that you need to relieve your pain.

I have Bracelets that are made with elastic and they are really pretty tough. They also come on strings with clasps. I have not had any problems with any of my necklaces or bracelets except for the time that one of my goats grabbed a bracelet to eat it. She did break the elastic and ate several of the beads before I could get them away from her. Goats love the smell and taste of real Baltic Amber.
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