Friday, December 28, 2007

Saying Goodbye

A family member is leaving January 2nd for additional training and then going on to Iraq, we had dinner with him and his family this evening. It is going to be hard for his wife and young son who is so crazy about his Dad. They built a teddy bear together that has a recording of his voice telling his son that he loves him and that he will be home soon. It is dressed in camo and is very cute, he calls it his Daddy Bear. His Daddy won't be coming home until next year around Christmas time.

Another young man that we attend Church with and who has helped us put up hay in the past is going as well, he is not married and has no children but he lost his brother in a tragic auto accident less than a month ago, so you can only imagine how bad this will be for his parents. In a month's time they will be going from having two children in their home to a completely empty nest.

I know this has to be done and I greatly admire those who give their service to this country, but it is very sad for them and their families, a heartbreaking separation, you don't realize how bad it is until it is someone close to you.
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