Friday, December 28, 2007

Starving Horses

In my previous post I said that many horse owners in this area would be in trouble, I had two calls this morning about give-away horses. One call was from a friend who heard about someone wanting to give a horse away because they can no longer afford to feed it. The other call was someone who's Grandfather had been given a starving horse who's pasture mate had starved to death. The people who gave him the horse said that they just couldn't find any hay and what they did find they couldn't afford.

We do have a local sale barn that you used to be able to take your unwanted horses to, but now if you take them they don't even get an opening bid unless they are an exceptional horse. But spring will come and hay will be available again, then the horses that survive this winter will be better fed next winter.

I would however recommend to anyone who can no longer afford to keep your horses and cannot give them away or sell them, to please take them to your local Humane Society instead of turning them loose on Government and State owned land.
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