Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Who am I?

  1. Wife of a wonderful husband
  2. Mother of two grown children
  3. Mother-in-law to my children's spouses
  4. Grandmother of perfect Grandchildren
  5. Certified Babysitter
  6. Servant of my Lord, Jesus Christ
  7. Admirer of a huge herd of horses
  8. Shepherd to a small herd of dairy goats
  9. Keeper of a few chickens
  10. Gatherer of eggs
  11. Milker of goats
  12. Food provider for my pets, herds, flocks and Family
  13. Shoveler of manure
  14. Microscopic Fecal examiner
  15. Equine and Caprine Midwife
  16. Amateur Graphologist
  17. Amateur with a crochet hook and knitting needles
  18. Owner of my Great-Grandmother's Spinning Wheel
  19. Future Yarn Spinner
  20. Animal Lover
  21. Killer of any animal that threatens my pets, herds, flocks or Family
  22. Expert with a .22 rifle
  23. Fencing Expert (repairing broken fences)
  24. Knot Expert
  25. Designer and Caretaker of around 20 Websites
  26. To be continued....
This list in not in any particular order and certainly not in order of importance.
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