Monday, June 9, 2008


We are bracing ourselves for the next round of storms. Every time that I have tried to get online today I have heard thunder and have given up, our electricity was out for over an hour today before the first storm even hit.

We did get the foaling stall dried out and today's rains haven't refilled it. My Husband announced this evening that Quizzy, our last mare to foal, is ready. So I am on mare watch tonight. Mare watch isn't very hard if you can be online during it, but the storms that are heading our way now will prevent surfing the net while keeping my eye on the mare.

She is nickering every three minutes and is extremely restless right now. Hopefully she will go tonight, so that I don't have to stay up two or three nights in a row with her. Her belly has dropped and she is sunken in around her tailhead. Her milk isn't sweet but it is white and not at all salty, her udder is very strutted and she even had just a bit of wax on one side. This mare has never given us anything other than a filly and she usually goes before her due date which is on the 17th.
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