Sunday, June 29, 2008


Finding time to blog is getting difficult. My Husband, bless his heart, has decided to make me shoulder the whole load of taking care of my goats with no help at all from him. He thinks that I will realize that they are too much trouble and I will get rid of them.

Little does he know that I still enjoy them and the only real problem that I am having is that I keep falling. I fell again yesterday. I have been turning Cooter out of his pen to eat, instead of feeding him hay that we don't have at this point. So he spends most of his day in the yard eating my blackberry bushes and strawberry plants. He also makes visitors quite uncomfortable by his pleasant aroma and peeing on them and their cars.

Yesterday he had been out all morning and had taken to eating what hay we do have in the barn. So I went to put him up and as I was coming back down to the house I ended up on my back again, right on level ground. It was muddy from the previous night's rain but this was so unexpected. As I struggled back to an upright position, I began to think that this was not all together my fault or the fault of the slippery mud. It must be my shoes.

I love Crocs and have several pairs, they are just comfortable and easy to clean. But I don't think that they are the proper foot attire for goat/chicken farmers in muddy environments. So I am in the market for an easy to slip on but well cleated barn shoe. As for my Husband, I am hoping that he will give up this plan of his and allow me keep my goats. After all, I don't spend endless hours shopping and/or spending his hard earned money. I also don't run all of the gas out of his vehicles because I don't go anywhere.
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