Friday, June 13, 2008

Easy Goat Milker

I milk using my own hand milker made with a good quality spray nozzle with a stream setting, standard aquarium 7.62M tubing and a 20 ml syringe barrel, this size syringe fits my doe perfectly but my neighbor is using the same size on a doe with very small teats and she says it works great.

I wash the teats and get them good and wet before applying the syringe, this not only cleans them but the wetness helps speed up suction.

I have a stainless steel pan and a lid with a small hole in it, when I am done milking I don't even have to strain the milk, it goes right in the refrigerator. The pan never gets close to the doe, so we don't get any contamination.

I do one side at a time but from the same side. This milker only breaks suction when the teat is empty. My doe gives a gallon of milk per day and this is quicker than hand milking. I do hand milk to strip the bag out occasionally after I am done but I always get less than a cup which goes to the dog, cat or chickens. Chickens love goat's milk by the way.

We run cold water through the milker as soon as possible, then hot water with a little detergent added, then rinse. It isn't hard to clean, all you have to do is hold the syringe barrel under the tap and start squeezing the nozzle.

The best part is that my doe hates being milked and is a kicker but she stands still for this method. Today for the very first time, I opened the gate and she went to the barn and jumped up on the milk stand all by herself. This is real progress!

This picture was taken before I got my stainless steel pan.

My husband has always enjoyed milking by hand but he really likes this, we kinda fight over who gets to milk now. This has taken all of the worry out of getting the milk dirty and I can sit down beside the milk stand and relax for a few minutes. I switch hands back and forth, so it isn't as tiring as hand milking. Even my young grandchildren can milk with this.

If you want to make one for yourself, make sure there are no holes in it anywhere to break the suction and having a good nozzle is important, you have to have a nozzle with a stream setting.
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