Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tattooing Eyes

When blogging about horses with sunburn yesterday, I meant to mention our stallion, Jazz. He is Ranger's sire and is also a few spot. But he does not have the dark pigmentation that Ranger has. He has a continual problem with the unlined pink area around his eyes. He suffers from swelling, tearing, burning, fly and gnat irritation, this can also lead to cancers and cataracts.

We have talked to our Vet about tattooing eyeliner around his eyes but he doesn't know anyone who does that in our area. So since applying sunscreen around the eyes isn't possible, the only thing that we can do for him is keep a fly mask on him during the hot summer months.

We have talked to one tattoo artist in our area who is willing to try it but we would rather find someone with experience in equine eyelining tattoos.
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