Tuesday, June 10, 2008


After reading my blog about Ranger, someone asked;

"I have a question that is a off the subject, but I was wondering if you use any sunscreen on his nose? I have a palomino mare that has white skin on her nose, and every year it sunburns and blisters, I am trying a different sunscreen this year and I was wondering if and what you use?"

We have several horses that do sunburn or get what is called dew poisoning on their noses. Strangely enough Ranger isn't one of them, he has a lot of black pigment and he doesn't burn.

Ranger's mother however is a roan and though she doesn't burn on her face, she does occasionally burn on her back which is very painful for her. I do not know why she does this some years and not others, unless it is her diet or hormones. It isn't rain rot it is sunburn, her skin turns evenly bright pink along her back and she doesn't want to be touched.

We also have another roan mare that has a wide blaze and at times her entire blaze will burn but normally it is just her nose that burns. She hates lotion and we have a time treating her. I have found for some reason that any lotion will help almost immediately but I always try to treat them with something that has sunscreen in it. You don't have to buy the most expensive sunscreen or even something specifically for horses, we have had good luck with everything we have tried.

I used an Aloe Vera pump spray with sunscreen on my hard to treat mare last year and found that she would tolerate a spray much better than having anything rubbed on her tender nose. It did a great job and by the next day we saw amazing results.
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