Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party

I am so happy that these tea parties are going on. There wasn't one going on where I live unfortunately, at least that I know about. It is about time that we try to take back our lives. Government is getting out of control and way too big. They are intruding in our lives too much.

There seems to be an attitude of self preservation out there and that is good. We have to start fighting for ourselves. We have to start taking care of ourselves without politicians making our decisions and deciding what is best for us. We work hard for our money and should be able to decide what to do with it.

If we own land and livestock we shouldn't have to ask permission before doing anything with it. We are adults and shouldn't be treated like children. I know that we have to have laws and a governing body but some laws and lack of laws are just ridiculous.

For instance, why do we have laws that require child restraints in cars but no laws against stupid parents smoking in that car with the windows rolled up and children strapped in those car safety seats. I don't have a problem with cigarette taxes because I don't smoke but as long as cigarettes are legal, then people have a right to smoke but not if it is interfering with my clean air or the air that an innocent child or infant has to breathe.

I suppose that taxes are the main reason for these tea parties but I think that it is a good sign that we aren't as complacent as I thought the general US citizenry was getting to be. We still have a little fight left in us.
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