Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tracfone Reborn

I think that I posted about my Tracfone no longer ringing awhile ago and about talking to someone in India who didn't have a clue. I was finally told that I would just have to order a new phone, which I didn't want to do because this phone had hardly been used and I had just put more time and minutes on it. It made me just a little suspicious that the ringtones would no longer work when the beeping of the keypad continued.

I never did order a new phone because I felt like they were just messing with me. Low and behold, yesterday our phone started ringing again out of the clear blue sky. Hmmm? I am not accusing them of anything but this all seems a little strange to me.

Other exciting news for today is that I talked to someone this morning who gave me a hard time about not blogging every day. He told me that he enjoys reading my blog and is disappointed when I haven't blogged. He almost made me feel good about myself until he continued with the point that it is good to know that someone else has a more boring life than he does.
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