Monday, January 26, 2009

Height Challenged

Dare I use the politically incorrect word, "Short"? That is what I have become. Short or shorter, a short person. I got new glasses and they have made me so much shorter that I am stumbling over my own feet.

I got my second pair of no-line bifocals five years ago. They were wonderful when I first got them. But lately they just were not doing me much good. My DH never complained about his glasses except for the scratches, so I hated to complain about mine. We finally went to the eye doctor and she told my dear Husband that his prescription hadn't changed but mine had.

She told me that it would take my brain awhile to get use to the new glasses because it was adjusted to my old glasses. She didn't tell me that they would make me shorter. She said to give my new glasses at least a week and then if they were still bothering me I could come back and she would try to readjust them.

When I first put the new ones on, I was so happy, I could see again. While riding home in the truck after picking up my new glasses, I started getting a headache. I had to take them off and put my old ones back on.

I tried them again when I went out to feed and that is when I realized that someone had cut my legs off at the knees. I am 5'6" and I felt like the ground was just so much closer to my face that I kept stubbing my toes. I could not distinguish the uneven ground which made me stumble. The end result was the my head was pounding and I was throwing up.

I did persevere and conquered the motion sickness and the headache. I guess that I will just have to accept my shortness. The good news is that everyone else looks tall and thin.
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