Friday, January 9, 2009

Goat Milking Tips

This blog is mainly for Chris at Johnson Family Farm, he wanted pictures of my milk stand, but you all can read it too. I found that I didn't have any good pictures of just the stand but came across some photos that I thought might help Chris out with his new milking dilemma, some helpful hints.

The picture below was the best that I had available of my milk stand, which inspired the following tips:

1. You should teach everyone in the family plus all of your friends to milk your goats because you never know when you may become sick, injured, imprisoned or otherwise discouraged. The point being that just because you aren't available to milk the goat, the goat still must be milked, not milking the goat is not an option!

2. Hobbles are sometimes necessary, they may look cruel but they can actually be the kindest gift that you can give your goat, they protect your goat from things that might happen to her if she sticks her manure covered foot in a full bucket of milk right before you are finished milking her. They also protect her from things that could happen to her if she spills a full bucket of milk all over you right before you are finished milking her.

3. Do not be afraid, they will not explode when squeezed

4. Your aim will improve with time but while still in the learning stages, it is best not to wear your best Sunday clothes.

5. Do not become discouraged if someone only a year older than you gets the hang of it before you do. It is normal behavior for a person who masters milking to show off by squirting everyone else.

6. With time and patience, you too will learn a skill that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Remember practice makes perfect and before long you will perfect your aim and be able to hit any target.

So easy a four year old can do it!!

**NOTE: No Goats were injured in the construction of this Blog
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