Sunday, February 3, 2008

Mustang Sally | Times Mail

This article appeared in our local newspaper about a friend of ours. He has entered the Midwest Mustang Challenge and has drawn a 4 yr. old Mustang mare named Sally to train, he picked her up in Illinois on January 12th. She will be spending the next couple of months with Mark Burnette in Williams, Indiana.

She is not very big, just a large pony really that has not been handled, as he says in the article, “This is a horse that’s never been touched really, and within 20 minutes (of unloading her) I was petting her on the shoulder. I thought she’d be nuts. She’s very well behaved, she’s never tried to kick me.”

Mark will have Sally for around 100 days and will then take her to Wisconsin, where he will be competing with 60 other amateur trainers and their newly trained Mustangs.

They will be competing for a share of the $12,000 in prize money, then their horses will be auctioned off to the public. At last year's auction some of the trained Mustangs brought thousands of dollars, as compared to the usual $125 adoption fees.

Rumor has it that Sally has already put Mark on the ground but that is nothing new for him, he has been thrown before by much bigger horses.

Good luck, Mark, we are rooting for you!
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