Saturday, February 2, 2008

Groundhog Day

If a groundhog surfaced here today, he would have most assuredly seen his shadow, so I guess we get some more winter. After our big winter storm warning yesterday, I believe he is better at predicting than those getting paid to do so.

Our deer did return this evening, just like clockwork, so I guess our offspring didn't traumatize them too badly.

I had a wonderful day, I went out this morning and the ground was still frozen and covered with ice. My back is so bad that I am terrified of falling, I did slip several times but never went down. My animals had to be taken care of and I was the only person here to do it, so I had to suck it up and be brave.

I went back out at about 1:00 and didn't even need a coat, all the ice was gone and muddy soup had taken it's place, like I say, you gotta love Indiana weather. I did some more slipping around and checked for eggs.

My Great Pyrenees, Angel was running all around me, in a playful mood, trying to knock me down, wallowing in the mud and when I went into the goat/chicken shed, she gleefully followed me in. That's when I started being splattered all over with a mixture of liquid mud and manure as she wagged her big furry tail, it was just like a big, wet dish rag being slung around.

Spots appeared all over my glasses and clothing as well as my neck and face. Then of course, she just couldn't help but put her big, mud soaked paws all over me.

When I got back to the house I was a sight and I didn't smell very good either but that is good, because as long as you have a good sense of smell they say that you don't have Alzheimer's. Losing one's sense of smell is one of the first symptoms, this is reassuring to me since I can't smell my billy goat anymore, at least I can still smell manure.
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