Thursday, February 7, 2008

Free Range Eggs

Since my brother-in-law called this morning and was telling us how much he is paying for eggs from Chicken owners, and not Factory produced eggs from the grocery stores. I thought that I would encourage chicken owners everywhere to unite.

Organic is in!! People are paying way more for organically grown foods and dairy products. Organically produced eggs are selling to intelligent people who are concerned for their health and well being and that of their families for at least $10 per dozen and sometimes more. The cost to produce organic foods, eggs and dairy is very high.

However, the health conscious person who also wants a bargain are buying free-range eggs at a minimum of $5.00 per dozen. Free range eggs come from free ranging chickens, who scratch out their existence from a wide area environment.

The eggs that I produce are from chickens that find their own food for the most part but do get a little grain each day, so they cannot be considered organic because their grain is not organically grown.

The difference in Factory produced eggs and home grown eggs is dramatic, they are richer, tastier and do not contain the chemicals that factory produced eggs contain, plus they come from happy hens who aren't kept in cages.

Home grown egg producers need to stick together and maintain a price that reflects the value of their product. Just because you are getting too many eggs doesn't mean that you should practically give them away. If you are giving them away to family and friends, that is one thing but consider raising your prices when marketing them to others. They can buy cheap eggs at the store and that is what they will be getting, watered down eggs full of chemicals.
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