Friday, February 8, 2008

Horse Meat

The American Horse has become India's Sacred Cow, for horse slaughter opponents this is their religion. They are religious fanatics pushing their beliefs off on all of us. This is such a hypocritical group, they scream about horses, while eating hamburgers. But this is typical of these people, they probably don't know where beef, pork, chicken or fish come from. They probably think that it comes from the grocery store.

I have not eaten horsemeat to my knowledge but I have sampled many other types of exotic meats. I will usually eat anything that does not eat me first. It is my understanding that years ago, horse-meat was served here in the US as beef and in hamburger to give the hamburger more flavor.

I found the article listed below interesting, this man has eaten Carne Di Cavallo and Cheval in both Italy and Canada, and says that it is slightly sweeter than beef, lower in fat and higher in protein, both satisfying and healthy.

The article also says that England has no laws against horse meat but is prejudice against it. Prejudice is the key word here, why are there so many horse rescues in this country and no cattle rescues or hog rescues?

Go ahead. Take a bite - National Post

Don't judge me by today's blog unless you have read my other blog about horse slaughter. I do not want to see horses mistreated in any way, but neither do I want their value to be so low that people can just let them die without worrying about how much money they are loosing or because they can't sell them anyway.

I have been getting emails applauding my stand on horse slaughter because it is obvious that the answer to the overcrowded horse rescues that we are reading about everyday, is U.S. regulated, humane packing plants. The Humane Society kills dogs and cats everyday but doesn't want horses killed, this is the height of hypocrisy.

They say they want us to put our unwanted horses down humanely, I guess that means with a lethal injection. Do we really want to introduce all of that toxic meat into our soil and landfills? This is just so ridiculous to me when the meat is useful to other living creatures.

The animal rights people, the Humane Society, Politicians and Celebrities have succeeded in destroying the Horse industry by turning the Horse into a liability instead of an asset. Horses are the ones that suffer when they have no value.

I have read many articles about this subject and have seen the comments left by people who just love horses, many of whom have never even owned one. The professional animal rights people say that all of the articles about rescues refusing horses because they are full and horses starving on farms where people can't sell them and can't afford to feed them, stories about horses being dumped on public land to fend for themselves, is just propaganda.

Well, it is true, they are suffering. You don't have to go far to find someone desperate for hay in our area and if they can find it, they can't afford it. There are articles everyday in papers all over the U.S. about struggling rescues, starving horses and horses dumped on federal land. So I guess the news media is all a part of a big conspiracy to make this look like it isn't working, but the truth is it just isn't working.

We need to reopen the packing plants without any stigma attached. Animal rights people, the Inhumane Society, Politicians and Celebrities need to mind their own business, quit trying to make their religion the nation's religion, and quit putting this enormous burden on horse rescues and horse owners. Horses have done just fine without their help for many years, they are not an endangered species.

If you think that this will end with horses, you are mistaken, we are just a step away from becoming a nation of vegans.
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