Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ice Again

And yet again the weather psychics get it wrong, we were prepared for 8 inches of snow and we got just enough ice to make walking impossible. They tell me that the roads weren't too bad, I wouldn't know because I never go anywhere. But my personal experience with my driveway in walk mode was exciting to say the least.

I slid downhill while standing perfectly still. It took me several minutes to get to the goat/chicken shed. I had to go because no one had water or feed, but I risked my life doing it. I did fall and did some crawling to keep from falling.

Then my husband came home and walked confidently to the shed with additional water and didn't even slip. What really made me mad was that he kept saying that it wasn't that slick, while I was crying. He does this neat trick where he steps down hard on his heels and that breaks through the ice. I can't do that, I have tried. It's not that I don't have the weight to do it but I guess I don't have the strength.
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