Friday, February 22, 2008

LGD is an OCD

At first I thought that Angel was a pack rat but now I am leaning more towards my Livestock Guardian Dog or LGD, having an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD, which would make her an Obsessive Compulsive Dog which also would be an OCD. Are you following me here?

I wondered why all of our feed pans and dishes where all ending up in the same spot, right outside of the goat lot. I thought my husband was doing it and it was beginning to annoy me. I would feed my chickens in a big rubber feed pan under the horse trailer, so that it was out of the weather and then he would come along and spread the chicken feed out on the ground and put the feed pan in the pile with the others.

Then I began noticing that there were other things in the pile as well, aluminum cans, an oil funnel and a feed sack. Finally my brain kicked in and I asked my husband if this was his pile, to which he answered, "no".

My poor dog isn't collecting, she is organizing, putting her world in order. She also likes to keep all of the chickens in the goat/chicken/OCD shed, she can guard them better if they aren't doing this free ranging thing. She was trying to put them back in the shed after they had left it, by herding them but there were too many of them and they don't herd well.

She decided that it would be easier to keep them in the shed, so she lays in the only doorway in the mornings and lets no one pass, the only problem is that she has to take potty breaks and chickens aren't as stupid as you may think, they make a break for it as soon as the door clears. Once they escape, it is so hard to get them gathered back up and nicely put away. So she tries harder the next morning.
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