Monday, March 10, 2008

Angel Update

I have been a little nervous about my goats kidding with Angel around. I know that LGD's are excellent midwives with some experience, but since Angel is still just a pup, I don't know if she is prepared for kidding.

Since we have moved Giselle and Cinder into the horse trailer at night, Angel is sleeping halfway between the goat lot and the horse trailer. My DH ("Dear Husband" for those who don't spend any time in private messaging, chat or on message boards) said that when he went into the horse trailer to feed the girls this morning, Angel came in right behind him. That is pretty desperate for a dog who is used to being scolded and pelted with BB's for being out of the goat lot. That tells me that she is very serious about her job as a Livestock Guardian Dog and her job is to protect all of her herd and not just what's in the goat lot.

We are not disciplining her for checking on the horse trailer and when the babies are born, she will be invited into the horse trailer to help, as part of her training. She will also be allowed to eat the afterbirths and any dead babies (hopefully we won't have any), which is also the job of a LGD. They clean up anything that might draw in predators.

Great Pyr
Angel ~ my Great Pyrenees

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