Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Right to Keep

The Associated Press: Guns Case Goes to Supreme Court

I'm no Supreme Court Judge, Lawyer, Scholar, or even of Male persuasion and I don't play any of these on T.V.

However, I can interpret the following sentence: "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed"

This sentence has four separate parts, separated by commas, the second part more clearly describing the first part and the third part totally standing alone but also claiming ownership of all of the other parts.

The third part is the key to the complete sentence. The PEOPLE have the right to a well regulated militia, they have the right to the SECURITY of a free state, they have the right to KEEP and bear arms and they have the right for those RIGHTS not to be infringed upon. What is hard to understand here?

What was the purpose of a Militia in the first place? The purpose of a Militia was to keep others from imposing their will upon the People. There are those in this country who are constantly trying to impose their will upon others.

Whether you like it or not in order to maintain order, one must have weapons of some kind. We are so brainwashed in this country that we think that all that guns are used for is crime. That could not be further from the truth, throughout time weapons of defense have been necessary and one cannot depend on one's government to defend them at all times.

Independence is another key word to me, our government seems to wish to make us more dependent all of the time. They are trying to destroy the small farmer or people who might be able to support themselves without any government assistance. This includes regulating what lands can be used and what they can be used for. They want to tell us how to handle and sell our animals. The latest thing that has been pointed out to me is that seeds are being altered so that they will not germinate, so that you can't keep your own seeds from year to year and will have to buy new seeds every year.

I am so surprised that declawing cats has not been made illegal because we are so concerned about animal rights, but when it comes to human rights, those need to be limited and the government should control our lives because we are unable to govern our own lives. Banning guns is an issue of declawing us, of taking away our defenses.

9-11 comes to my mind as those poor people on those planes didn't try to take control of their own lives until it was too late. Because we are not conditioned to take care of ourselves, we trust others with our lives. We have been declawed and our gun free zones have become an easy place to prey on innocent victims. If the fox is in the hen house you don't turn your head and hope for the best, we have to take action.

Don't let the people who are scared of guns and have been conditioned to think that guns are a very bad thing take away your right to protect yourself and your property.

There are many more people in this country that own and handle guns responsibly than there are criminals that have guns who could care less about what laws are on the books or how the Supreme Court rules on this issue, as a matter of fact, they would love to see the United States of America completely disarmed.

I am one person who gets very annoyed when I am punished for other people's actions, especially when my punishment is enjoyed by those people who caused the problem in the first place. Criminals have caused the problem with guns and they are the only ones who will benefit from a ban of guns.
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