Friday, March 14, 2008


I am a worrier, I'll admit it but I would rather worry about things and then not be surprised when the worst thing happens, than to be optimistic and get caught off guard.

Giselle is huge and uncomfortable but I started worrying that she was just a little too dull. She was laying around all of the time and didn't want to get up, her hind legs were swollen and she was grinding her teeth. When she stumbled and fell when I tried to get her up to go out to the goat lot, I decided something was wrong and it wasn't my imagination. I consulted my expert forum friends at and they told me to look into Pregnancy Toxemia / Ketosis, which I did. It is caused by the build up of excess ketones in the blood, due to the incomplete metabolic breakdown of body fat. Giselle had some of the symptoms.

I started dosing her with Corn Syrup, Nutri-drench, Vit.B Complex and Molasses and also increased her alfalfa hay ration. I am not sure what caused this unless it is because she was fat during the first part of her pregnancy, maybe too much grain, the wrong type of grain, too many babies or large babies. But I do think that I am seeing an improvement in her, she is jumping right up for her doses of medicine, she loves it.
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