Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I am being called all kinds of strange names, Goat Lady, Chicken Lady, Witch Doctor and Medicine Woman. I am left handed which qualifies me for the Medicine Woman title, some Indians believed that left handed women were big medicine. Left handedness also earns me a short life span according to the people who study these things.

Left-handed women may have a shorter life-span | Health | Reuters

So, since I am not going to be living very long, please forgive me if I do strange things, like strange things and believe strange things, like goat's milk is superior to store boughten milk. That raw milk is superior to pasteurized and homogenized milk. That free range, unmedicated chickens lay better quality eggs, that are better for you. That Baltic Amber from tree sap is a natural pain reliever when applied to the area of pain. That probiotics keep the body healthy in many different ways. That sunshine is very healthy except when taken in large doses. That fresh air is very good for you especially when taken in large doses. That nothing smells better than a horse.

Addition to previous post: Another reason to have a big rock in your goat lot is so that your buck can spend endless hours of his time trying to move it with his head. This helps everyone in the goat lot by keeping him entertained, busy and burning excess energy, so that others can get some rest. However, this is the equivalent of body building and weight lifting for a goat, he is building strong pushing and butting muscles.
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