Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Rock

One thing that we are blessed with on our farm is limestone, not a great thing to have on a farm but they can sometimes be useful. We have many nice rock specimens, in many different shapes and sizes. My Son chose one after I had griped about wanting a large rock for my goats to play on. His Dad and he loaded it into the bucket of our new tractor (putting the first scratch on it before the first payment was made) and delivered it to the goat lot.

The goats were somewhat scared of it to begin with but it didn't take long for them to warm up to it. Goats love to climb, play king of the hill and jump off of high places, so this is perfect goat decor.

Within one day my goats had accepted the rock as their favorite spot in the lot. They stand on it, fight over it, sleep around it and have general community meetings there. It is also very good for little goat hooves, keeping them worn down, neat and trim.

I have already told my Son and Husband that the goat lot needs a couple more large rocks to complement this one and add to the overall ambiance.

The Rock

Goat Rock
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