Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Got Gravel

Our drive is passable again, can't keep the people away now. Our peaceful, quiet life is over and we are $600 more in the hole.

We live here in the Limestone Capital of the World, as a matter of fact we have one whole hillside that is nothing but limestone with a little dirt spread here and there. But it still cost us $600 for a few rocks for our drive, we ran out of money before we ran out of drive.

When we first moved here and cut our driveway, my Husband and Sons took rock from the hillside and put it on the drive, then took sledge hammers and broke it up. They all got very good at it, they know just how to hit it to bust it up with the least amount of blows. If any of them ever have to work on a chain gang they will be prepared. Some day my kids may even get nostalgic at the ring of the hammer hitting rock.
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