Friday, September 12, 2008

Milk Goat For Sale

I have decided to sell Cinder, I am tired of milking two goats and I am drowning in milk. I have listed her on three different classified sites and have received several inquiries on her but haven't sold her yet. If she doesn't sell soon, I will turn her dry and breed her in December.

I still don't know if Paris and Collette are bred or if they are just fat. With the change to cooler weather they should start showing signs of being in heat soon, but I have a hard time even knowing for sure when they are in heat. I am afraid that I will just go out one morning and find kids. I have been told that sometimes they don't even show udder signs until after they kid.

Cooter on the other hand is showing lots of signs of being ready for breeding season but he has shown signs all summer. He thinks that he is incredibly handsome right now and is always posing for pictures in case there is a photographer around, which there isn't. But he does look nice and my DH is trying to get me to sell him too.

He is getting so strong that I am having trouble holding on to him when he wants to go somewhere. I stake him out and have to move him several times a day. I was tying him to an old iron wagon wheel because it was easy for me to move but it soon became easy for him to move too, so I switched him to a concrete block. A single concrete block didn't last long, it was as if he wasn't tied at all. So I started tying him to two large concrete blocks yesterday and he still drug them to where he wanted to go.

The only thing that I can tie him to now is trees and he still pulls all of the time and is building muscle. I haven't heard of Billy Goat pulls, like tractor pulls or horse pulls, but I'll bet he would be a strong competitor.
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