Saturday, September 20, 2008

Golden Egg

Well actually it is a dark brown egg. We are currently getting only extra large, large and small eggs. But the other day we got an extra, extra large egg, the size of a duck egg. I was very curious about which hen was laying this distinctive extra large, dark brown egg, it is the only dark brown egg that we get. I don't have one hen that is different from all of the rest, so I had to do some detective work.

The egg in question is usually already in the nest when I wake up in the mornings, so for me to catch this hen would mean that I would have to get up with the chickens and I am not an early riser. However, this morning I caught a break, my super sleuthing cat decided to sleep in front of the nest boxes in the barn/house last night and he is a late sleeper also. The hens were not happy when I went out and removed him. They were all gathered in a disgruntled group.

The first one to jump in the box was one of the new red hens. I had suspected that it might be her, she is no bigger than some of my other hens but she is the biggest of the three new red hens. Sure enough, without so much as a cackle, she left the nest a few minutes later and there was the big dark brown egg. Case closed, thanks to my partner, Garfield.

We are getting 7 to 11 eggs per day now. Which means that our refrigerator is full of eggs most of the time. I still need some faithful buyers, but I did sign up to bring deviled eggs for the Church pitch-in. So I have been reading about how to make perfect hard boiled eggs from fresh eggs, that peel easily. So far here is a list of tips that I have found:
  • Put Vinegar in the water
  • Put Salt in the water
  • Put Vinegar and Salt in the water
  • Put Baking Soda in the water
  • Put room temperature eggs in already boiling water
  • Don't boil at all, just place in boiled water and cover with a lid
  • Tap rounded side of egg on hard surface to slightly crack then boil
  • Cool immediately in ice water
  • Cool eggs quickly in cold tap water then put in freezer for 5 minutes
I am confused and don't know which method to use. I am thinking that what I could do is take all of the eggs that I gather today, super fresh, and try a different method on each egg to find which method is the easiest and quickest.
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