Sunday, September 7, 2008


I was horribly late getting out my tomato plants this year, so I just started getting ripe tomatoes about four days ago. I love tomatoes and no one has even offered me any except my neighbor who gave me three. So I waited patiently for the many tomatoes on my own three plants to ripen.

We came home today from Sunday School to see my new chickens feasting on my tomatoes. I thought, no, it isn't possible, not after I have waited so long. I walked up the hill to where my plants are located. All of the nearly ripe tomatoes were picked clean. I could have cried. Sometime later they went back and ate the rest of the green tomatoes.

My old chickens had never done this. So I wasn't expecting it. I should have known since the wild turkeys got all of my Step-dad's tomatoes. I wanted to wring their scrawny necks. I am just devastated by this lose, I guess I will think twice before excepting free chickens again. It's just like I have always said, there is always a reason why something is free. I should have suspected that these chickens were defective.
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