Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Staying Alert

Our Department of Farmland Security Terror Alert has been raised here with the addition of 15 new chickens. The Fox could not resist coming in closer yesterday to look over the new arrivals. My Husband was outside and heard one of the new hens complaining bitterly, so he looked for the source of her irritation and saw the fox licking his lips nearby. By the time the DH got into the house for a weapon, the fox had disappeared.

So I have my marching orders for today, I am to keep a sharp eye out for the intruder. I have already walked the perimeter twice this morning with my new scoped Savage .17 H.M.R. that I have not even shot yet.

I will have to do some research before I am able to say for sure what kind of chickens these all are but they are a colorful bunch. One that I think is a red sexlink is already a favorite of mine, she follows me around everywhere I go. As soon as I have time I will post pictures of them and maybe someone can help me out on what they are.
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